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Added / Extra Benefits

You and Your team can introduce affiliates and become qualified for the bonus. Moreover, the bonus in form of RXXXX will deposit to your account directly.

Introduce Affiliates Get Bonus
100 Affiliates Latest iPhone
500 Affiliates R25 000.00
1000 Affiliates R50 000.00
10000 Affiliates Brand New Latest BMW 320i or R500 000.00

Bonus qualifying criteria

You must have 10 active affiliates directly introduced by you and they must pay R250.00. Rest of the introduced affiliates must be active members.

Investment Programs

We offer three investment programs

  • 35% in 30 days or 1 Month
  • 70% in 90 days or 3 Months
  • 85% in 120 days or 4 Months

At Trade Farm, we provide funds based on “TRUST

Trade Farm provides business funding up to R1000 000.00 and does not charge interest in fund repayment. There is no processing, paper works, and other formalities. It takes 120 seconds to approve the fund application. Members can apply for business funding more than one time within 6 months.

Funding limits for businesses Up to R1000 000.00
The interest rate at 0%
Processing and paper works No
Other formalities No
Approval time Within 120 seconds
No. of funding applications Multiple applications within six months

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